Monday, January 5, 2009

Rajdeep Meets Indian Idol 1 winner - Abhijeet Sawant

First Indian Idol winner advises his favourite contestant.

Indian Idol 4” contestant Rajdeep Chatterjee (pictured left), better known for his killer smile, not only has a huge female fan following but also an Indian Idol as his supporter.

Well, it's none other than the “Indian Idol 1” winner Abhijeet Sawant.

Apparently, Abhijeet is so impressed with Rajdeep's singing and dedication that he invited him for a special New Year lunch.

While celebrations, music and fun were on the itinerary, Abhijeet didn't conclude the afternoon without giving some expert advice to his favourite. Abhijeet gave some handy tips on dealing with pressure, improving the singing style, stage performance etc.

Rajdeep was more than delighted with the time he spent with Abhijeet, he said, "This is the best day ever and I value all the tips which Abhijeet bhaiya gave me. It is going to be very handy for me."

Friday, December 19, 2008

Rajdeep Chatterjee's Sockrama

There is no smoke without fire. Just as there is no stink without smelly socks!

I’d always wondered at the sour smell in the corridors at the hotel in which the Indian Idol 4 Contestants live—particularly outside Rajdeep’s room. The mystery was recently solved when it came to light that a few pair of expensive socks had become the bane of everyone’s life.

It seems Rajdeep has only to wear socks for an hour and they smell like rotten fish with a sprinkling of putrid egg. In fact, people visit his rooms with clothes pegs on their noses. The only person who can take the stink is Remo Ghosh —the poor boy has been exposed to the smell for such a prolonged period that his olfactory system has gone on strike. Permanently.

Rajdeep has promised to visit a doc. But until medicine can fix his problem, the only recourse he has is to empty bottles of perfume on his feet. Isn’t that like casting pearls before swine?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rajdeep Chatterjee in Indian Idol 4

Indian Idol 4 Contestant - Rajdeep Chatterjee

Fast Facts

Place: Jamshedpur

Rajdeep Chatterjee from Jamshedpur has been learning music from the age of two-and-half-years under Pandit Shri Chandrakant Apte. He enjoys classical music and can play the tabla. His big moment was when he performed and shared the stage with music directors Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

Rajdeep has participated in various competitions and even won the title of Jharkhand Idol. He now aspires to bag the title of the next Indian Idol.


Rajdeep means: Raja ka beta

About myself: I am a simple and straight guy, honest from the heart and uncomplicated. I have been singing since I was two and half years. I took part in my first competition when I was 8 years old

Family: Parents and a brother. I am closest to my parents

Inspiration: Manna Dey

Fear: Scared of nothing in particular

Strength: My studies in music

One thing I would like to change in myself: I would like to change my short temper

If I become the Indian idol, I will: Hand over the prize money to my parents

Pals on Indian Idol 4: No one in particular. I like Parashar, Priyanka didi and Tulika didi

Indian Idol judge I am most scared of: Annu Malek and his comments


Colour: Red

Actor: Shah Rukh Khan

Actress: Katrina Kaif

Food: Pure non vegetarian

Likes: Playing cricket, football

Star: M S Dhoni—he is from my state